SPIRIT OF UNITY // Photo by:  Woyote  .

SPIRIT OF UNITY // Photo by: Woyote .


Hey, hometeam! I need your help.

Since returning South, I have been busily at work on a new album, which I CANNOT WAIT to share with you all in 2019. BUT, one song seemed to need a little choral support… a vocal beef-up, so to speak. Though amazing singers abound everywhere- and especially in Nashville- I wanted to be sure that the beef-up was as grass-fed, grass-roots, and community-based as possible. This is both because the whole approach to the album has been super intentional and collaborative AND because the song is about community. So… do y’all wanna sing on my record?

WHO: Anyone living in, living near, or connected to Unity, Maine or Unity College or Waldo County. Anyone connected to me. Anyone who loves to sing. Anyone who is tickled by having their voice on a record. No choral experience needed!

WHEN: Saturday November 10th 1:00-3:00PM

WHERE: Unity College Center for the Arts // 42 Depot Street Unity, Maine 04988

RSVP: Please respond to the Facebook event page or RSVP, here. I wanna be sure we have enough space + snacks + that this thing is accessible to anyone who wants to participate.

Other details…

  • This will be an organic, collaborative, creative process… we don’t know exactly how it’ll sound and that’s part of the magic. Please bring a patient, open, fun perspective along!

  • You don’t need to know anything in advance. The song is simple. We’ll all learn it together and practice and then dive into the recording process.

  • My accomplished-as-heck and up-for-adventure producer, Erick Jasckowiac, is flying to town with a mess of microphones to get us on the record.

  • Unity College Chorus + director Theo Vandeventer have been learning the song in advance and will be in attendance to help lead our singing and provide their cool vocal stylings.

QUESTIONS / FMI: Email me! Or DM thru FB or IG.

XOXO, St 10/25/18